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Gourmet Chicken Company

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The term Churrasco (pronounced 'hu-ras-coe') is the Brazillian term for 'barbecue' and more generally meats grilled on a spit over burning embers.

The word originated before the presence of Romans in the Iberian peninsulaas the word "sukarra"(flames of fire), but it first appeared in Castillian as "socarrar" and evolved through several dialectal variants in Spain as ''churrascar''. It was more dominant in Portuguese cuisine commonly relating to salty roasted chicken spiced with hot red chilli sauce.

As the term and style of cooking spread across the former Portuguese colonies, each country evolved its own identity. Here at Gourmet Chicken Co. we don't just talk about healthy food and healthy eating.

We use only the best quality ingredients you would use in your own cooking. The chicken is marinated overnight in a mix of spices, herbs, olive oil and sweet white wine, steamed and then finished on a barbecue spit roast.

93 Queen Street
Maidenhead SL6 1LR

Tel: 01628 638278

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